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Skin is awakened and nourished with the Enzyme & Mask Trio. Targeting dehydration, depletion from environmental elements, free radical damage, and dull, slackened skin tissue, this 3 step enzyme and mask infusion delivers a potent dose of anti-oxidants and age reducing peptides, gives skin a glowing radiant finish. Delicious aromas and soothing sensations flood the senses as heated compresses enhance nutrient benefits and deepen the relaxation experience.

Let the pleasant aroma of pineapple fill the room-But don’t let the enticing scent fool you!  Skin is nourished and cell turn over increased with the gentle exfoliation action of enzymes and yam extracts. Peptides boost the skins cellular activity while the soothing effect of protein-enriched milk cools the skin with a super infusion of anti oxidant support, this treatment is specially beneficial for photo-damaged and hormonally imbalanced skin.

Deep enzymatic action combined with fruit acids support problem skin-a clear complexion is our goal.  Appropriate extractions followed by a purifying antibacterial mask assist skin in looking blemish-free and healthier.

The enzymatic action of pineapple begins the smoothing and softening of skin while increasing circulation.  Specialty extracts, oxygen spray, and therapeutic masks add to the soothing, calming benefits for sensitive rosacea prone skin-reducing inflammation, providing antibacterial support, stimulating surface cell turnover for healthier skin tissue and strengthening capillaries.